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Srizon Support (Support) 1 month ago
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Hi, While creating ticket use the download tab. It will automatically tell you whether your email is correct (in the system) or not

Bertha G. Kvaran 1 month ago
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Hi again, it is possible the email address info@nunaehf.is was used to purchase the extension or jaycburton@gmail.com or jaycburton@nunaehf.is or berthagkvaran@nunaehf.is Sorry for not being clearer.


Bertha G. Kvaran 1 month ago
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I have been emailing you regarding the FBAlbum component/module and the Facebook token needed. My current one does not seem to have the field needed for the token, you told me to use the Download tab on your site to update the extension.

Thank you so much for your support

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