Uncaught TypeError: jQuery(...).removeWhitespace is not a function Resolved
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Srizon Support (Support) 6 months ago - Edited: 6 months ago
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jQuery conflict.

It seems your theme or some plugin is not adding jQuery in recommended way causing the conflict. You can find the theme/plugin responsible by trial and error (turn off/change one by one) and after it's detected, you can either replace/remove it or change the code to include jQuery in a recommended way: 


Jeremy 6 months ago - Edited: 6 months ago
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I have recently upgraded Srizon Version 3.5.1 - I got the access token for a facebook page I own, using two galleries as a test. The gallery thumbnails appear briefly, then are invisible. No amount of CSS or HTML tweaking in Chrome inspector can make them re-appear. I can hover over the space where the images should be and clicking that goes to album page with more invisible images, if I click on an empty space an individual image comes up, but at that point its the facebook image url, not my site. Looks like the jquery or JS part of Srizon is not working.

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