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Thomas Giella 2 months ago
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 That worked. Thank you very much.

Afzal Hossain (Support) 2 months ago
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Check if there's any pending notification here:

If you see an invitation to be a Tester for 'Srizon Album' accept it.

If you've already did that but still not working then we're facing an unknown problem or you denied some of the permission you were prompted with.

If you haven't received an invitation then I may have send the invitation to a wrong username. In that case share your username or profile link so that I can try adding you.

Note: Facebook isn't giving photo permission at this moment to live apps of this type. That's why I have to keep it in development mode and add the users of this plugin as a Tester.

Thomas Giella 2 months ago
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I submitted to become part of the development group and received an email from you with a "generate your token now". But when we I click on it I still receive an error with facebook.

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