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Andrés Rueda 1 year ago
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Thanks Afzal!


Afzal Hossain (Support) 1 year ago
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You can add your videos to 6 different 'playlists' and create an album linking each playlist. However, playlists are supported on the pro version only.

Andrés Rueda 1 year ago
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I'm about to open my youtube channel


As I've understood, the plugin automatically pulls out all the videos from my youtube channel. Correct?




I have 6 categories on my wordpress blog and I want to distribute my youtube videos into the 6 categories.


How can I accomplish this? 


Can the plugin sort out videos for each individual category?



Let's say category 1 is "Sports" and category 2 is "Food" (on my wordprees blog)


Can the plugin pull out all the sports videos from my youtube channel and show them under the sports category?


Can it do the same for the food videos? 



I'm not sure how to accomplish this.


Can you explain if the plugin can do this and how exactly?



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