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Srizon Support (Support) 3 years ago
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Thanks for contacting. 

Unfortunately that's how the script works. Each thumbnail contains a link to the original image and lightbox shows that linked image. It can switch to other links available on that page and is blind to the other images on rest of the pages. All lightbox script available on the opensource community works this way.

A possible hack is to load other thumbs in the background invisibly but it will make the page slower.

It's not impossible to implement this feature but not very simple either. I'll see if I can find a way in the future.

Erich Gantner 3 years ago
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i have a problem with the gallery, when it has image over several pages. When i click on a image in the gallery, the image opens in lightbox, and i can only switch to all images of the current page...but is there a solution to switch all images in the lightbox of the gallery? 

thanks for your efforts


regards, eric

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