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Afzal Hossain (Support) 4 days ago
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On fb.srizon.com

The new version has the link inside module/menu item above the required parameter.

Robert Mildner 6 days ago
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where can i made an token?

Afzal Hossain (Support) 6 days ago
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I haven't made one for joomla. Token generation part is the same for joomla. After that you just need to copy the token into your module/menu

Robert Mildner 1 week ago
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I need the Video for joomla

Afzal Hossain (Support) 1 week ago
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Older version stopped working on many sites due to the new restrictions/rules from Facebook.

The new version requires a different workflow. Basically it requires a access token for each album/gallery now.

Check this video for setup instructions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M2Fz9Mxp5Z8 (It's for WordPress but the token generation part is the same)

Robert Mildner 1 week ago
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Hallo habe JFBAlbum seit Jahren im Einsatz und seit kurzem wird kein Bild mehr angezeigt. Was muss ic h tun?

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