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Srizon Support (Support) 4 months ago
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1. go to

2. put in your personal id

3. I add your personal id to the app on facebook and send you an email from the system with confirmation

4. go back to and click on generate token button

5. It will ask you which pages you want to give permission to 

6. Give permission to your required (or all) pages... you need to be admin of your target page 

Noireau 4 months ago
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I've been trying to update my jfbAlbum. I saw that I need a token to be able to use it but I'm not sure to well understand. In deed I want on my website all the photo of this page . I don't know how to have the token for that page ? If I put my facebook ID for the token I guess i'll be able to put my pictures right ? But none of the page I need to ?


Thank you for your answer ! 



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