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Harry 3 years ago
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Thanks, so much for the speedy response.

We'll give it a try.

The client asked about having the option, so really glad we can go that route if they want it.

Srizon Support (Support) 3 years ago - Edited: 3 years ago
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(or mod_jfb... for modules)

Find the following code block:

$tmp = isset($obj->name) ? $obj->name : '';
$this->images[$i]['txt'] = htmlspecialchars($tmp);

And change it to:

$this->images[$i]['txt'] = '';
Harry 3 years ago
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That's fine. What code would we replace?

Srizon Support (Support) 3 years ago
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Thanks for your query.

Actually 'captions' are a desirable feature. I added the option to turn off caption from thumbnails as sometimes thumbs are small and causes visual problem as captions are shown over thumbnails. But for full size image (lightbox), captions are shown below the thumbnail so that wasn't a problem for anyone until now.

You're the first one to request this feature :)

Making that change is very easy by editing the code but will get replaced whenever you update the extension.

Harry 3 years ago
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We love JFB Album, but had one quick question.

I see there there is a way to turn off the captions on the thumbnails in the menu of the Album Collage Thumb layout, but when you click through to the full picture the captions appear.

Is there a way to set this or any other gallery view so that the captions are never displayed.

Thanks in advance for the help.

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