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huanghau 4 days ago
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thanks, it works now. This ticket can be closed.

Afzal Hossain (Support) 4 days ago
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php 5.6 + supports [] syntax for array... previously it supported only array() function.

So if you're still on an older version of php, changing it to 5.6+ should solve the problem.

Some hosting let you keep multiple version of php and assign a different version to each site. I think in your case you're updated version isn't being used by your site.

Another way to solve it is to change the code to support old syntax

so instead of 

                $tokens[$index]['albums'][] = ['title' => $item->title, 'id' => $item->id];

you may try

                $tokens[$index]['albums'][] = array('title' => $item->title, 'id' => $item->id);

and for the next line

                $tokens[$index]['galleries'][] = array('title' => $item->title, 'id' => $item->id);


huanghau 5 days ago
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Already updated to last version, but the problem still occur.

I tried to remove this line and admin page can be accessed again :

if ($item->type == 'album') {
                $tokens[$index]['albums'][] = ['title' => $item->title, 'id' => $item->id];
            } else {
                $tokens[$index]['galleries'][] = ['title' => $item->title, 'id' => $item->id];


what this line is for ? and is batch token can be work without this line code ?


Afzal Hossain (Support) 6 days ago
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Please update the php version

huanghau 6 days ago
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my admin page get an error message after update the plugin

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '[' in /home/sloki/user/k9896153/sites/ on line 43


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