Disabling caching in Joomla system doesn't prevent JFBAlbum from caching Verify
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Srizon Support (Support) 4 months ago
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Getting data from Facebook takes time. So it caches the data for a certain period so that it doesn't call facebook for each page load. Also facebook won't allow you to call them as many times as you want (there's a limit) so caching is necessary.

I suggest you move your site to a better host. BTW, Joomla itself has thousands of files, the plugin only caches 1 file per album... so it shouldn't effect much. Disabling caching to minimize number of files is not the solution if you're facing 'file number limit' problem

Alex 4 months ago
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is there a way to disable caching for JFBAlbum? My hosting provider not only limits the webspace in GB but also in the amount of single files. Once that amount is reached no further file creation is possible. Therefore I started disabling caching and noticed JFBAlbum still does write to the cache folder. Will it not work without caching?

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