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Srizon Support (Support) 3 years ago
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Previously it didn't support multisite properly and stored the info in the 'base database'. This was problematic since any of the sub-site can view the albums from other sub-sites.

I fixed this behavior in the latest version by separating the tables for each sub-sites.

Unfortunately this is creating a small problem for users who already had multisite setup with the previous version.

You need to do one of the following

Solution 1: Create the albums and galleries again under each sub-site (and delete the albums and galleries from the base site which was created for sub-sites)

Solution 2 (not recommended but quicker): Install the previous version (3.1.2)

Emmanuelle 3 years ago
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On a multisite : Since the last update, the album list is available on one sub-site only. Every other sub-site Album lists are now empty (online we have an «Album not found» note showing).

How can we reassign each album to its sub-site or go back to the same list on each sub-site?


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