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Hendrik Isaac Heemskerk 3 years ago
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Thank you very much, just what i needed ;)

Srizon Support (Support) 3 years ago
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Access token generation requires user interaction. You put your app id and secret and place a button for the user to click. Hook that button with some javascript api provided by facebook. Clicking that button will prompt for facebook login and provide a 2 hour (or so) valid token. You can then send an api request from your server using that token (along with your app id and secret) to get a long lived token (60 days). That token should work for 60 days.

You can use this plugin to generate token but that token you see will be a short lived (2 hour) token. Long lived token is saved in the database and used for the backend api call.

You can extract that token from your database 

table -> wp_options

option name -> srzfbcomm

click edit with phpmyadmin or something like that and see the value. It will be in serialized format. find the value of 'longtoken' and use it with your code. It should be good for 60 days.

Hendrik Isaac Heemskerk 3 years ago
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Hi there,

So i am using Srizon Facebook Album plugin and it works great, butttt i am using it in sync with some manual code for displaying some featured photos on my front-page, but for this to work i need a "User Access Token" I tried generating this myself but eveything it expires and that kind a stuff.

So i was thinking i could make use of the system thats build in you're plugin, so my question is: Is there a way/function/solution to use the generated "Access Token" in my manual code?

Greetings from,

Hendrik Isaac Heemskerk

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