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robb rich 10 months ago
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Thank you for the reply, and I think the 'Click to Play the video" alt text' in the templates would be a great solution. The reason it gets flagged by the WCAG scanner is; if someone who is visually impaired is visiting the site, it reads the text in the alt tags as well as the title tags, etc. and it could lead to 'stuttering' of that reader if both of those are exactly the same. I think your 'Click to Play' added directly to the alt tag for the thumbnail makes perfect sense because it provides an action.

I appreciate your willingness to look into possibilities for this.

Thank you!

Afzal Hossain (Support) 10 months ago
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Thanks for your suggestion. Technically I can make everything configurable but too many configuration option will be scary for most users and clutter the admin UI. Also it takes time to make things configurable. So I have to pick the most demanded requests and keep everything else opinionated. 

BTW, I didn't know about WCAG. I'll try to make it WCAG compliant without adding any more backend parameters. I'm not sure how big a deal it is for the WCAG to have the same alt and title tag. However, I may change the title to 'Click to Play the video: alt text ' if that solves the problem

robb rich 10 months ago
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I've been using this extension for a few years, and it is generally my go-to for anything that links directly to YouTube channels. 

Recently, I've had a request from a customer to bring their site into WCAG compliance because of a potential legal action that they had been told of. We rebuilt the site from the ground up, and each step of the way I would scan the site to make sure we were staying compliant. When I added the JUserTube extension, we came up with a fail on the scan - this was caused by the 'alt tag' for the video thumbnail having the same information as the link to the video through the video title. 

It would be great if we could have control to change this through the extension interface - either by doing a global disable title link feature, or by allowing some sort of common indicator (like the channel name) to be prepended or appended to the alt tag. Something like <img alt="Company Name - This is the Video Title"/> or <img alt"=This is the Video Title - Company Name"/> 

Currently I have done this in the templates for each layout - either by removing the <a> tags around the titles, or by adding 'Company Name -' before the title script in the img alt area. But doing this without having to go into the code would be beneficial, since when the extension gets updates, the customizations are overwritten.

Thank you for the great product!

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