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Afzal Hossain (Support) 4 days ago
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Tokens are not related to purchase. Both free and paid version requires access tokens. Tokens are from Facebook requested by the app to make sure you're authorized to pull the data from Facebook and someone else isn't pulling your photo etc.

Since token generation is trickier for this type of plugin which gets installed on different domain/sites. I've built the tool fb.srizon.com where you can generate the tokens. Just follow the video posted previously.

Rangana 5 days ago
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Its bit confuse. If i buy this will you be able to fix this error..?


Afzal Hossain (Support) 5 days ago
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Just adding tokens should work.

Rangana 6 days ago
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Can we restore the same albums if we add the new token. or do we need add the albums one by one again..?


Afzal Hossain (Support) 6 days ago
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Older version stopped working on many sites due to the new restrictions/rules from Facebook.

The new version requires a different workflow.

Check this video for setup instructions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M2Fz9Mxp5Z8

Rangana 1 week ago
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I am using this from 2015 and there was no errors so far. Now my facebook Albums not working from last two week...Please help me on this matter..

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