album does not update after I include additional images in facebook Need Info
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Afzal Hossain (Support) 4 days ago
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Send me a link so that I can check. I'm assuming it stopped syncing completely due to some connectivity issue or permission change or token expiration. I might be able to tell more after checking the page.

Marijke Claes 5 days ago
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I checked in the meantime and it is still not updated. It is several weeks ago now since I added new images to the facebook album, and no update on my website...


what can be the problem?

Afzal Hossain (Support) 2 weeks ago
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Sometimes there might be a little delay. Did it sync in the meantime or still the same?

Marijke Claes 2 weeks ago
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After I created the album on my website with your facebook album plugin, I added some additional images in the linked facebook album. Unfortunately, the album was not updated on my website. It still shows only the original images. I refreshed the website page, I resyncrhonised, I haven created a new album with the plugin but even the new album shows only the original images.

what is going wrong?

thanks for your support


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